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I can not find the saint's medallion, but I know you make it.
Search errors are very common. Did you just write the name? E.g. Joseph. If you write anything in front of the saint's name (eg Virgen or Our Virgen or Our Lady or St. or st. or medal) your search will not work well.

Can I order medallion set in white gold?
Yes. However, it will be a custom made jewel and the price must be agreed in advance, according to the current market prices of white precious metal.

Can you make a completely new medallion which is not in your menu? What will be the price?
Yes, we can. But it is needed to consult every single contract. Delivery time for this work can be relatively long. The graphic preparation of a new model costs 200 EUR, plus the price of entire jewel and postage. The price of a brand new inscription is 100 EUR.

Can I take a shower with your enamel medallion?
Yes. Water or soap will not harm our jewellery enamel. Even diving in the sea and a permanent equatorial sun can not harm our enamel.

How to clean a gold medallion which have not been a long time worn?
I recommend to polish / wipe a gold frame using a cloth for cleaning of gold. It can be bought in special stores for goldsmiths and jewelers. We deeply do not recommend sonic cleaning, alkali or acid cleaning solutions. They can harm your jewelry enamel forever.

How much does it cost to ship to the Philippines and how long will it take? Will it include insurance?
In this time - July 2021 shipping to the Philippines costs by messenger DHL cca 130.00 USD and lasts up to 10 days. By registered mail it costs cca 48.00 USD and lasts 3-4 weeks. The prices depends on actual CZE/USD exchange rate and it can vary time to time. And yes, your goods is insured anyway.

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